Why should I consider medical treatment in Turkey?

Bridging Asia and Europe, the geographical location of Turkey offers ease of access to anyone across the globe. With the aim to make the most of its privileged position, Turkey eagerly strives to render service in many sectors at the highest quality available, including medical tourism which immensely contributes to the Turkish economy.

In 2019, the tourism income from the medical tourists visiting Turkey amounted to USD.

Given the importance of providing health services at excellent quality to maintain the impeccable reputation of the country in the global health sector with its world-renowned physicians, Turkey has made substantial investments to bolster its health infrastructure over the years. By observing the trends in patients’ needs and demands thoroughly, Turkey also offers exclusive luxury services aimed at the patients’ complete comfort during the medical procedures, while mesmerizing the visitors with its picturesque landscapes, salubrious climate, cultural diversity, and appetizing cuisine all of which make it a unique travel destination.

The number of medical tourists visiting Turkey steadily continues to increase as 551,748 patients received healthcare services in 2018, and this number rose to 662.087 patients in 2019.

Owing to the lower treatment costs ascribable to currency rates, Turkey is able to provide cost-effective medical facilities at splendid quality, which in turn enables medical tourism to flourish and invigorate healthcare providers’ efforts to hold a position at the very top of the sector. Correspondingly, it becomes possible for patients to receive timely first-class healthcare while enjoying a luxury vacation in complete confidentiality without having to break the bank.

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